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Minimum age and health requirements?

All riders must have the ability to ride a two wheeled bike unaided, and sufficient fitness and health to ride for the 1 hour session. 12 years old is the minimum age for each 1 hour long session. There is likely to be a mixture of adults and children on any session. You will need to complete a health questionnaire on arrival to confirm you are fit to ride.

Our Dolan track bike hire fleet

You need to advise us on arrival of your height and inside leg measurements. Each bike will be fitted with toe strap adaptors so that you can wear sports trainers. Under no circumstances can you fit your own pedals on our bikes. Anyone attempting to do this will be asked to leave the session. There is a bike size chart on the ramp that will inform you of the correct frame size.

What is the routine on arrival?

We ask all teams to arrive 1 hour before they ride, to be measured for your bike and receive a safety briefing. The cafeteria is open each weekday between 8:00am – 8:00pm for refreshments.

Inform the Velocity team in reception that you have arrived we can sign you in. The changing rooms are down the corridor on the right of reception, and the lockers are down the corridor on the left of reception.

On arrival in the riders D, our team will fit you with your Dolan bike and Limar helmet if you are not using your own. Peaks and any other devices cannot be fitted to your own helmet. 

The facilitator coach will give you all the safety and riding instructions for you to enjoy your cycling on the track. 

What can I expect from my 1 hour session?

You will be riding with up to 15 other riders on the track at the same time, for 1 hour’s duration. You will be given a set of skills to learn by the coach. The track bikes have no brakes and are fixed wheel, so you will ride a few practice laps to get used to them.

If your team is experienced, and have a team strategy for your hour’s riding, please inform the coach on arrival and they will do everything possible to help you achieve your team goals.

What clothing do I need for this session?

You need to wear two tops, a tee shirt and cycling top or two tee shirts. Singlet vests and bare shoulders are not allowed. Wear padded cycling shorts or running shorts and trainers with laces tucked in. We will provide you with a Limar helmet for the session if required. If you have track mitts, please wear them.

If you are wearing long trousers or tracksuit bottoms, they need to be tucked into your socks. Do not change clothing in the riders D – use the changing rooms. Please bring your own towel if you are planning on using the showers.

Options for footwear

We have three options for all our Velocity riders regarding footwear, before they take to the track.

  1. Riders can bring their only cycling cleats if they are Look Delta Cleats. These are the only cleats to fit out bikes
  2. Cleats can be hired from the Velodrome for £4.80 per hour
  3. Riders can wear their own trainers and use the provided toe clip adaptors

After your ride?

Once you have enjoyed your Velocity experience, you can relax and rehydrate in the riders D. Immediately after you come off the Velodrome track, we will collect your bike, helmet and shoes (if you have hired them).

Important – Don’t forget to take off your transponder and hand it into the results desk, so we can analyse your performance.

We will then log your results to find our eventual fastest rider and winning team from your hour. 

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