Calendar Instruction

Instructions for all other calendars - NOT Outlook 2002/03:

To Subscribe (i.e. get auto-updates if fixtures change):

Instructions for Outlook 2002/03 users:

1. Download the file outlook.ics by choosing "Download calendar" from the Fixtures page and choosing Save.
2. Choose a folder, for example the Desktop, then click OK.
3. In Outlook, click the File menu, then Import and Export.
4. Choose Import as an iCalendar or vCalendar File (.vcs) and click Next.
5. Find the folder where you saved the file in step 1, then select the outlook.ics file and press OK.
6. The fixtures will appear in your Outlook calendar. The outlook.ics file is no longer needed.

IMPORTANT: Due to limitations of Outlook 2002/2003 we are unable to offer an auto-update service for Outlook 2002/2003 users. This means if fixtures change your calendar will NOT automatically update.