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CITC celebration week: Football and Multi Sport

  • 27 March 2013 10:18
  • Posted by @mccarthy_mcfc

City in the Community are very proud of our free provision of football coaching sessions and soccer schools during every school holiday.

CITC provides ten weeks of free soccer schools every year, with about 50,000 young people taking part annually.

In a time of financial difficulty for many families, having free provision of football coaching with CITC’s professional coaches is a great opportunity and is greatly appreciated by the communities we work in.

Regular participants Jamie Webb (10) and Bradley Hamlet (7) have been coming to our soccer schools and soccer centre sessions for a number of years now and never miss a session!


Both boys have built a great relationship with the CITC staff and lead by example for other participants.

“He couldn’t go out and play football on the street because the children were basically horrible to him, hitting him and all the rest of it when he was trying to play football,” said Jamie’s mum Liz.

“One of the benefits of him being able to come is the fact that he’s been able to play football in a safe environment, he’s learnt lots of new skills that have helped him as a footballer, he’s met lots of new friends, and also his confidence has improved massively.

“He’s said in the past that he himself has got aspirations to become a coach when he’s older, so the longer he’s here and the more he does, the better it is for his future as well.”


Bradley’s mum Lindsay said: “His confidence has grown loads, his skills have improved, his social life’s improved brilliantly.”

“To see how far he’s come and to see how much he’s learned over the last twelve months is absolutely brilliant, he loves it, it’s brilliant for him. I’m going to bring him for the rest of his life, hopefully!”

For more information on City in the Community’s Football & Multi-sport projects please visit, email or call 0161 438 7714.

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CITC celebration week

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