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Season 2010/11

FA Cup fan reaction: The match

  • 18 April 2011 14:58
  • Posted by Chris Nield
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Joe Hart’s early heroics from Berbatov results in a communal Twitter sigh of relief!

@CS1985 - “Joe Hart you little beauty!!!!!”

@JenSurname – “Joe Hart just gave my cat a heart attack. Or it may have been me shouting”

But as the team grew in confidence, so did our followers…

@dmgtc – “Much better from City. It’s going to happen. I can feel it.”

@emilylouise – “The boys in Blue are doing me proud.”

Goalless at the break…

@eighthsinner – “Overcame a nervy start and now it’s well and truly GAME ON!”

@TheSwamps even managed to predict this!

“Well that's the first 45 over with, both teams had their chances. I still feel confident. 1 - 0 to City Toure to score.”


Back underway and hardly any time to compose a 140 character message before:

@JA_Paraguay – “TOUREEEEEEEEE!! I can't stop smiling!”

@TheCityGal “oh my god oh my god oh my god”

@JWBardwell “yayayayayayayayayaya!”

With 20 minutes to go and an extra man on the pitch, the end is nearly in sight:

@goldymcfc – “Come on Blues! Defend for your lives!”

@tphayden78 – “I can’t handle this, it’s killing me!!”

Into stoppage time:

@sp3ccylad – “I need Brian Cox to explain this five minutes thing to me”

@JenSurname – “I think I’m having a heart attack”

And it’s full time!

@KatyLx – “I’m crying… I can’t believe it… I LOVE YOU CITY!!!”

@Saucepanmanc – “33 years I’ve waited for any kind of success. Very nearly passed out!”

@AnneMCity – “I'll admit I've cried!! Dad was watching from the Kippax in the sky and probably doing the Poznan!”


Part three of our fan reaction...


Top 10 from 10

05 September 2015 14:57


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