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Joe Hart
Season 2012/13

Fifteen minutes with Joe Hart

  • 03 July 2012 14:25
  • Posted by Nicola McCarthy
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Our new 'Fifteen Minutes' features series gives City players just a quarter of an hour to reveal what they would do if time was of the essence!

Under the spotlight this time it's our man in the last line of defence, fresh from Euro 2012, it's Joe Hart.

If you could hold a conversation on the phone with anybody for 15 minutes, who would it be?

It would have to be my mum. She still lives in Shrewsbury but I talk to her a lot.

If you could spend 15 minutes with anybody, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Will Farrell because he’s hilarious.

If you could spend 15 minutes anywhere in the world where would you pick?

The Boxing Day Test match in Australia.

Hart vs Bulgaria

What has been the best 15 minutes of your life?

There’s no way I could possibly pick out 15 minutes that stand alone. I’ve had a pretty good 24 years so far and couldn’t single anything out from that.

What do you do 15 minutes before a match?

I normally get changed as quickly as I possibly can.

What do you generally do during the 15 minutes of half time?

I just tend to chill out and have a little chat.

What do you do during the 15 minutes after the game has finished?

It totally depends on the result. If it’s a good result, I just have a bit of banter with the lads and then jump into the shower. If it’s a bad result I just have a bit of a sulk.

Where could you be if you drove 15 minutes from your house?

At Carrington, but I’d want to drive to Mere golf course.

Hart Vid Pic

If you had to watch 15 minutes of any film over and over again, which would it be?

I tend to go blank on these film questions. I’d pick the first 15 minutes of Superbad- that film is hilarious. It never fails to make me laugh.

If you could wipe 15 minutes off history, which would you choose?

I’d wipe none off because it makes me who I am.

Andy Warhol once said that everybody is famous for 15 minutes. What has been your most famous 15 minutes so far?

It’s probably been when I’ve been an idiot, like dancing on a bar or dancing anywhere really. I think I’ve been caught doing that about five times now. There is also the YouTube overhead kick!

If you only had 15 minutes before the world ended, what would you do?

I’d spend it with my family and friends, doing whatever they want to do.

Next on 'Fifteen Minutes,' we move into midfield for a chat with James Milner.

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