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Fifteen minutes with Gael Clichy

  • 27 June 2012 15:29
  • Posted by Nicola McCarthy
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Our new 'Fifteen Minutes' features series gives City players just a quarter of an hour to reveal what they would do if time was of the essence!

Kicking off this series is Frenchman and City left back Gael Clichy, who has just recently returned from Euro 2012 after Les Bleus lost to Spain in the quarter-final of the competition.

If you could hold a conversation on the phone with anybody for 15 minutes, who would it be?

That’s really easy, it’d be my mum. She likes to talk a lot and talk over and over again, so it would definitely be my mum.

If you could spend 15 minutes with anybody, dead or alive, who would you pick?

It’s a hard question because I don’t see my family a lot, so 15 minutes with one of them is always fantastic – especially with my little brother and sister and my niece and nephew too. But I think I’ll go for my uncle, who passed away when I was really young. I had a good relationship with him and if I can just bring him back for 15 minutes that would be great.

If you could spend 15 minutes anywhere in the world where would you pick?

That’s really hard too. Maybe if the question was last year I would’ve said Martinique, as that’s where my grandmother used to live and my dad is from there. But now she lives in France with my dad, so I will decide for somewhere a bit more adventurous. I like a place like Egypt, a place where I’ve never been would be a good choice as I like to discover new things, so a new country would be nice.

Clichy medal

What is the worst 15 minutes of your career so far?

It would be the semi-final of the Champions League when I was with Arsenal, when we played Villarreal away. In the final five minutes of the game we conceded a penalty, which wasn’t a penalty, and it was me who made the foul. At that moment you feel a bit lonely; if they score, they go through, so I think this moment would be my worst. It didn’t last for 15 minutes but it certainly qualifies to be the worst.

What has been the best 15 minutes of your life?

It would be every moment that I spend with my family. It’s not a lot considering we play week in week out in England, but any 15 minutes that I spend with my family during the holidays is a nice moment. Usually it’s in summertime so you can have a barbecue, have a nice meal with each other with some music. I think those times are really important.

What do you generally do during the 15 minutes of half time?

At half time I just go to my place, drink some water or energy drink and just try to relax. The manager will then come into the room to tell us what he thinks of the first half and I just try to remain composed and focused for the next 45 minutes.

Clichy cross

What do you do during the 15 minutes after the game has finished?

I jump on my Blackberry and I just read the texts that my friends and my older sister have sent me. My sister texts me minute after minute, so most of the time I know in those 15 minutes if I’ve had a good or bad game. She will tell me in general what the people on television have been saying, so if I can see praise I know I’ve had a good game, but if she’s a bit quiet I know that it wasn’t a good day. She’s not really into football, but she loves her little brother. Since I played football with Arsenal and City now she watches the games with my mum. She’s the one to tell me if I’ve had a good game.

Where could you be if you drove 15 minutes from your house?

Carrington or the Trafford Centre.

If you had to watch 15 minutes of any film over and over again, which would it be?

I think I will go with one of my favourite films, Sweet November, starring Charlize Theron. There’s a moment where the film is getting really interesting, so it would be 15 minutes around that point.

If you could wipe 15 minutes off history, which would you choose?

I think a really important thing was the likes of Michael Meeks for the black people. It’s not that we think about it every day, but that’s the kind of moment in history that you would like to be part of. If I had the choice to wipe 15 minutes off history it would be this one. I have to go for this because that was a crucial time for certain people.

clichy training for england 2010

Andy Warhol once said that everybody is famous for 15 minutes. What has been your most famous 15 minutes so far?

I think since I signed my professional contract with Arsenal. As soon as you make it people recognise you in the street. It’s hard to choose just 15 minutes, because there are plenty of good moments.

If you only had 15 minutes before the world ended, what would you do?

I would have a huge party with all my family and my very close friends in a very sunny place with a lot of nice food. I would make sure we had a swimming pool, the sea and toys like jet-skis and footballs – we would have a dream day for 15 minutes and I’d try and make it as good as I possibly could for everybody.

Next on 'Fifteen Minutes,' we talk to another former Arsenal man and defender, Kolo Toure.

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