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Season 2013/14

City Blogger: My first, my last, my everything

  • 15 May 2014 13:43
  • Posted by @BlueWolf1894

Is it over already? My word, that went quickly. No, not the season, this City Blog thing I’ve been taking part in.

I’ve been allowed to make fun and laugh at past players, our grounds, managers, chairmen, dead chickens, ex-owners, matches, and of course the club itself (although you should have seen what didn’t get past the City Censor).

My first blog concerned itself with trying to buy success, and today this is my last proper one of the season, so let’s talk about “firsts” and “lasts” …

The first time we played at what is now known as The Etihad, was versus Barcelona, which we won 2-1 with a goal in each half. Of course that match was not the biggest event of the day, it was the living legend that was Shaun Goater whipping the crowd into a frenzy before kick off that was.

A couple or so months before that, the last match we played at Maine Road, typically, ended in defeat (thanks for that, Southampton), but it was a party atmosphere tinged with regret. The Kippax would be filled one last time, and after that day the streets around the stadium would be flooded with Blue no more. Apparently extra Police were drafted in on that day, not because trouble was expected but so that they could protect the pitch from being stolen by the City fans after the FT whistle (congratulations, by the way, if you managed to get some).

The first time we were relegated was in 1902 when we won only eleven games finishing in eighteenth place. Strangely in 1901 we only won thirteen games but finished in eleventh place, and these were the days when a win was worth only two points. How bad must everyone else have been?

The last time we were relegated was in 2001, as the club continued its habit of acting like an eight year old high on caffeine and Ritalin, and bouncing up and down all over the place. With two games to go we had an outside chance of staying up as we were five points behind Middlesbrough. They lost their 37th match, but then so did we. Well, if you’re going to get relegated you may as well do it properly.

The first time we scored 100 or more goals in the league was the 1926-27 season, and we’ve done it another six times since then (or seven if you count the War Years). We’ve scored 108 twice, 107 once and a couple of 104s – Pellegrini’s attacking football indeed. 

The last time we scored less than a goal a game was the season we were affectionately known as Manchester City Nil. Twenty-nine goals in thirty-eight matches was Stuart Pearce’s gift to us in 2006-07. Only ten of those were scored at home. If you had a weak bladder it is entirely possible you could have gone to every home game and not seen City score.

The first and last time City fielded an all English side was … well, never. Even in the 1890s we had Scottish and Welsh peoples. In the season of 1895-96 our usual starting line-up had more Scotsmen than any other nationality. Manchester City: ruining England’s chances since 1894.

Our first major trophy was in 1904 when we won the FA Cup. We went in as favourites and finished as such – of course this upset the FA and the likes of Everton, which I explained not to long ago. The last time we won a trophy was … well, four days ago. Still remember? Or have you not sobered up yet? No, me neither.


It’s been fun writing these blog thingies, and I am hoping to bring out an irreverent tongue-in-cheek history book on our club this summer, detailing every major event. If you’ve been reading my articles this season, you’ll know exactly what the book will be like: written as only a long-suffering City fan could write it.

Manchester City: my first, my last, my everything.


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