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Season 2011/12

Behind the scenes: City v Swansea in pictures

  • 16 August 2011 12:42
  • Posted by Peter Ferguson. Pictures by Sharon Latham

Well, Pablo Zabaleta's pep talk obviously worked as super sub Sergio sensationally stunned Swansea ... and while you recover from the alliteration, sift through Shazza's other secret snaps, the pictures you won't see anywhere else.

Brandon in the medical room pre game

There's simply no hiding place from Sharon's lens, as Brandon discovers in the medical room. Chappy's sidekick accepts his fate with a cheeky grin: "Just make sure my photo goes above Les's, will you?" ...


Chappy and Robin Checking out the warm up

No problem, Brandon ... anyway, Chappy's too busy keeping an eagle eye on things with Robin to argue. Used to be Batman and Robin when we were lads ...


Natalie at Half time

"Shall I sing now?" No, Natalie, you've been brilliant on Live From City Square, great job, but when we said there was a chance of joining in on the Saturdays too, we meant ... oh, never mind, just give us Blue Moon, OK?


Sergio Arrives at Etihad stadium

Sergio arrives, but nobody dare look him in the eye and tell him he's on the bench. "How come everybody is looking away? You don't like the haircut? That's just envy. You seen Mario's, by the way?"


Sergio and Mario in Warm up

"Yeah, there's these brilliant blue marker pens, 35p from the newsagent round the corner from me, right? They're dead good, nobody can tell it's not a pro job. I can do yours for you at half time if you like ..."


Tunnel minutes before kick off

Joe has a quiet word with Vinny ... "Skipper, you're going to have to tell Joleon - he's started using moisturizer before the game, he's just slapping it on now. He thinks we've not noticed ...." 

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