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Season 2014/15

World Cup Fan of the Day: Brazil

  • 11 July 2014 10:00
  • Posted by @ManCityBrazil
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32 City fans from 32 countries share their thoughts on the World Cup and their love of the Blues...

Your full name

Evans Leao dos Anjos

Your country


Your town


Your age


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I watch every single game wearing the same football shirt. Also, the shirt can't be washed until the competition is finished. So, the smell...

Your favourite City player

Pablo Zabaleta

Your favourite player for your country


Who is your country’s star player?


How far do you think your country will get in the World Cup? (Answered before the tournament)

I hope the final.

How important to your country is the World Cup?

It's the most important thing for the Brazilian people. The World Cup is the time when the poor or rich are together for the same thing. The Seleção brings happiness for the suffering people. I feel lucky to have watched Brazil win the World Cup twice.

Which country do you think will win the World Cup?

It needs to be us - Brazil. If we don't win, please can't be Argentina.

What was the first World Cup you remember watching?

Mexico 1986 and Brazil losing to France.

What is your first memory of watching City?

City 4-1 United in 2004 - SWP with an amazing goal that took my breath away.

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