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Pellegrini: Title is in our hands.

  • 28 April 2014 07:27
  • Posted by @NieldyMCFC
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The fall-out from the most dramatic weekend of the season dominates the pixelated and paper pages of the media this Monday morning as from a seemingly desperate position, City find themselves just three wins from a fourth league title following Sunday’s results.

A Yaya Toure inspired victory over resurgent Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on the back of Chelsea’s remarkable win at table-toppers Liverpool - a title twist that only a very few would have thought possible - means that the destiny of the Premier League crown is back in in City’s hands.

A trio of wins against Everton, Aston Villa and West Ham, ensuring that their goal difference remains superior to that of the Merseyside reds, and the Blues would be Champions.

But let’s not get carried away just yet!

And that’s certainly the message coming from Manuel Pellegrini who has been widely quoted across the media urging his side to remain calm during what will be a rollercoaster closing fortnight of the season.


The Express’ Colin Bateman’s write-up includes the boss’ post-match thoughts:

“”The good thing is our destiny is in our own hands at the moment.

“"It was very important, and I told the players before the game, not to be thinking about the result between Chelsea and Liverpool. We had to win whatever the result and they reacted in the best way.

""We just had to concentrate on what we had to do. We did that in a very professional way.

“"They knew if they beat Palace they had it in their hands, but we must win the three games.

"We always trust we can do it. After we lost to Liverpool I said we had to play three or four games, and in football all things can happen. We just had to win our games."


Palace’s tormentor Yaya Toure admits that the Blues were aware of the result from Anfield before they kicked-off at Selhurst Park. The Daily Star’s Paul Brown includes quotes from the Ivorian star:

“"To be honest we were looking a little bit at the Liverpool-Chelsea game!

"We played really well. Palace had won a few games recently. It was a tricky game but we did well.

"We have just three games left and we want to focus on winning those.

"We have Everton next. They are a good team and it is tricky again but with our quality we can deal with that.

"I never want to give up. Every game for me is crucial and today we played like it was a final. Between us, Liverpool and Chelsea, it is tight and we need to win all our games."

Likewise, there are words of caution from City’s influential captain Vincent Kompany in Neil McLemen’s Mirror piece:

“”It is difficult to predict the outcome of this league.

“You would be crazy to think it is over, but obviously we did our job. It’s in our own hands and you can’t do more than that.

“There have been so many swaps and changes over the season, we are still very calm.

“By definition, I think we are the team in the league that can't ever give up - especially after the year we won it.

"We just kept our heads down. We knew we didn’t play to well and had to change it - the last two games have been good. Ultimately it's about the last straight and we seem to pick it up at the right time.”


Closer to home, the Manchester Evening News’ Stuart Brennan’s article features quotes from an ecstatic Edin Dzeko who believes it doesn’t matter how the Blues will take the title, be it on goal-difference or otherwise:

““I am happy with the team winning. We are back on track and now have to win these three games. That is all that matters.

“We knew before our game started that Chelsea had won 2-0 at Liverpool, so we went out to do everything we could to win the game.

“There was pressure there, because we knew that somehow we had to win. But from the first minute we played aggressive, attacking football and did a great job.

“We are very happy for that, and happy for the fans who travelled, because they were amazing.

““It could come down to goal difference again. I don’t care how, we just need to do everything to win it again,”


Strap yourselves in, Blues it’s going to be a wild two weeks, and we’ll be with you every step of the way right here on mcfc.co.uk.

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