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Charities Award: Information

Welcome to the ‘City in the Community Foundation’ Grants Programme

City in the Community (CITC) Foundation invests funds generated to support the development and delivery of sports and community projects in the Greater Manchester area.

The CITC Foundation Grants Programme is designed to help local communities increase access to community programmes and improve the life chances of people in the Manchester area.

This guide will give you answers to important questions such as:

  • Who can apply?
  • What we will and we won’t fund
  • How to apply for a grant?
  • What makes a good application?

We update our information regularly so if you are using this guide after 31st May 2012, you should check our website for the most up to date version.

Where do I start?
The first thing to decide is whether or not the ‘CITC Foundation Grants’ Programme is right for you. If you answer yes to all of the following questions, you should read on as the CITC Giving Programme may be able to offer your organisation funding:

  • Are you a voluntary or community organisation, a not for profit company or a registered charity?
  • Do you need up to £50,000 to help sporting, skills development or community activities in the Manchester area?
  • Are you and your beneficiaries based in the Manchester area?
  • Do you have a UK-based bank account in the name of your organisation that requires at least two unrelated signatories?
  • Are you clear about what difference CITC Foundation funding will make?
  • Can you send us your application three months before your project is due to start?

If you have said “No” to any of these questions, it is likely that any application you submit will be unsuccessful.

Who can apply?
We will not fund local authorities, organisations to make a profit and distribute to members, hospitals, hospices and schools.
Examples of organisations that can apply:

  • Voluntary or community organisations (e.g. registered charities and community interest groups). All eligible organisations must have a dissolution or winding up clause that specifies that any remaining assets must not be distributed to members but shall be donated to an organisation with other similarly charitable objectives.

Examples of organisations that cannot apply:

  • An individual, sole trader or partnership
  • Organisations established to make a profit
  • Organisations based outside Manchester

We are unlikely to support fund organisations that cannot demonstrate they are appropriately managed. We will look to ensure:

  • there are at least two unrelated members on the governing committee residing at different addresses
  • membership is open to all sections of the community
  • your governing document demonstrates appropriate financial and governance controls
  • your organisation is in sound financial health (please ensure you explain how any deficits or current/total liabilities are being managed)
  • any previous award from us has been managed satisfactorily
  • your organisation is not undertaking any activity or conduct that could damage CITC Foundation’s reputation
  • any website or publication of material made available to the public does not contain anything that could be considered defamatory, abusive or inappropriate.

If your organisation is a branch of a larger organisation, you should confirm you are sufficiently independent of them.  If you have your own constitution, bank account and produce your own accounts then you will be able to apply in your own right. If not, you will need the support of your parent organisation, which must accept overall responsibility for the award.

What will CITC Giving fund?     

  • Manchester based charities can apply for up to £50,000. This can be a contribution to a larger project but we would not usually contribute to projects costing more than £100,000
  • Projects should be new or additional activity for your organisation that provides added value to your existing services.
  • You should be able to deliver the project in 12 months and be able to provide a monitoring report within 13 months of the announcement of the awards.
  • Projects must seek to increase positive activities in sport, offer positive community activities or provide opportunities for young people to develop or to nurture their talents.
  • Sporting / community outcomes must be the main focus of the project. Applicants for projects using sport as a means to an end are also acceptable.
  • Projects must focus only on current CITC Giving priorities: football and urban sports / disciplines; education / skills development and community cohesion.

Examples of items we can support include:

  • Non-personal sports equipment purchase or hire (that is, equipment that is not just used by one person. Examples of eligible equipment would include portable goals or basketball hoops
  • Coaching / leader costs or other sessional workers
  • Training staff or volunteers
  • Transport costs
  • Venue hire
  • Volunteer expenses

What won’t we fund?

  • Regular or repeat events (for example, an annual summer coaching event) although we may consider funding additional costs to make the event larger and to increase the participation
  • Your organisation’s existing running costs (for example, heating and lighting costs, rent, ground or equipment maintenance etc)
  • Fundraising activities
  • Items that primarily benefit individuals (for example, equipment that is not shared). We will not fund team kits.
  • Construction of buildings, changes to land or land use (for example drainage)
  • Loans, endowments or interest payments
  • On-going staff costs or salaries except coaching costs or fixed term positions needed to meet a specific project requirement.
  • Coaching costs must clearly be additional to your organisation’s usual expenditure
  • Used road vehicles (there are additional health and safety concerns with older vehicles and higher running costs. Applications for new road vehicles must clearly demonstrate good value for money and we are very unlikely to fund cars for this reason)
  • More than £50,000 to the same organisation in any single year period, from the date of our award letter
  • Projects that do not support City in the Community’s strategic outcomes or that do not have a direct impact on sports participation or community development (for example, we are unlikely to fund the development of websites unless there is a clear plan as to how this will increase or sustain participation)
  • Sponsorship or projects that will distribute our funding to other organisations
  • Activities that the state has a legal obligation to provide such as health care and education in schools for under 16’s

How to apply
If you have read this guide and think that your organisation is eligible to apply for funding and your project is within our funding policy then you should follow these next steps:

  • Go to our website
  • Work through the application form, reading the support notes as you go along. You will need to make it clear what our funding will be used for, what difference your project will make and why your project is needed
  • Submit your application along with any documents required. If you post your documents to us, we will not begin to assess your bid until we have received them.

When we have received your complete application, we will begin our assessment, which should take no more than eight weeks.

You should seek to provide as much information as necessary within your application. If we need to contact you for more information, this may delay the decision. If your application contains insufficient information for us to be able to assess your bid properly, we are likely to reject your application. You should provide a clear explanation of your budget so we can see how your project has been accurately costed.


What makes a good application?
We can only fund projects that clearly help us deliver our strategic aims. To ensure we can do this, we need all the relevant information. We have to base our decision about whether to fund your project entirely on the information that you provide so it is important that you provide all the essential documents listed in the next section.
Please also consider the following points when completing your application form:

  • Your Organisation - We need to know that your organisation is financially well organised. This will help us to be confident that you will be capable of delivering your proposed project. Please ensure that we have sufficient information about:
  • The legal status of your organisation
  • Your organisation’s financial position
  • How your organisation is run (details of trustees, financial controls etc).
  • Your Project - We can only fund projects that demonstrably contribute to one, two or all of the CITC strategic aims of Football and urban sports, Community Cohesion or Skills and Enterprise. Please remember to describe clearly how your project will meet these aims. We also need to be confident that the project has been well thought out and planned. Therefore, if you can provide a suitable project delivery plan, it would assist our assessment of your application. A simple description of key milestones and targets is sufficient.


  • The Need for Your Project – CITC Foundation is keen to support projects that meet the needs of your community. Therefore, it is important to explain why the project is necessary in terms of the district where it will be delivered. For example, will your project contribute to the development of your local community or will it help to meet the sporting needs of your area. Similarly, if you can demonstrate that there are already people waiting to take part in your project, this is likely to be of benefit to your application. Consultation with potential beneficiaries is always worthwhile and we recommend that you provide information on this. 
  • Who will benefit - Please be clear about how many people will benefit from your project, and what each person will get from the project. For example: ‘100 young people aged 16-19 will each receive 10 hours of coaching’. This information will help us to make a sound judgment about value for money.


  • Your Project Costs - We need to know what our grants will be spent on and that we will be getting good value for money. Therefore, if you can provide full details about what you intend to spend the money on, it will help us to make a decision. For capital items over £5,000 we would expect you to show that you have fully researched the cost by providing copies of three quotes.

What do I need to send City in the Community Foundation?
You will need to send:

  • Your application form
  • Your organisation’s constitution/governing document/set of rules
  • Your organisation’s most recent annual accounts (these should be compliant with the relevant regulatory body (for example, for registered charities or companies these should meet the charity commission or companies house rules). These should be signed and dated by your chair, secretary or treasurer and by your auditor/independent examiner where appropriate
  • Your organisation’s last three bank statements (please send copies only – not originals).
  • For new organisations, we will require an income and expenditure projection and evidence that your organisation has established a bank account.

Our bank or building society account requirements

You must have a UK based bank or building society account in the name of the organisation that submits the application to us and will carry out the project.

We require at least two people to sign each cheque or make a withdrawal.
If any signatories are related or live at the same address we need written confirmation from your bank or building society that these people cannot authorise payments together.

We may ask you to open a new and separate account that will only be used for our funding. If you have had a CITC Foundation grant award before and we asked you to set up a separate account, you must also use this account for any new CITC Foundation Award.

New organisations

If your organisation has been running for less than three months we will need all the original statements you have received from your bank or building society. We will also need an original letter from your bank or building society showing your account details and when the account was opened.

Internet bank or building society accounts

If your organisation uses an internet account we still need original, paper statements. You will need to ask your bank or building society to send these to you, as we will not accept downloaded versions. We will also require at least two people to authorise a payment. If any of the people who can authorise a payment are related or live at the same address we will need written confirmation from your bank or building society that they cannot authorise the same payments.

Your referee
CITC Foundation will need details about a referee for your project. We may contact your referee as part of the assessment process. We will also seek confirmation from the referee for all successful applications and will ask them to complete and sign a brief form. We may also ask your referee to complete a short report about your project when it has finished.
Your referee should be independent of your organisation but should be able to verify the information you have provided in your application form. The referee is likely to be a Manchester City FC supporter, for example a member of the Manchester City Supporters Club.
Your referee must not be someone who benefits from our grant, nor related to anyone who will benefit. They must not be (or have been in the last two years) a member, staff member, nor related to anyone in these positions.

If your application is successful
If we decide to award a grant for your project, we will send you an award letter that will detail how much we are awarding and what the money should be used for. Enclosed with the letter will be the standard terms and conditions of grant which you should ensure you understand before accepting the offer. You must accept our offer within four weeks of it being made, using the form enclosed with the letter.

You must also ask your referee to complete the declaration form and ask your bank to complete the BACS form. You can start your project as soon as you receive the award letter but we will not pay for any items where expenditure is shown to have been incurred before the award was made.

You must keep all receipts and invoices throughout the project as we will require these at the end of project as part of the monitoring.

You must complete your project within 12 months of the date of the offer and submit your monitoring information to us within 13 months (the required form is enclosed in your award letter). We may visit or phone to check how our grant has been spent, so you must keep all evidence in relation to the delivery of your project.

You can hold more than one grant but we will only fund your organisation for up to £50,000 in any 12-month period under this programme. You can, however, apply to other CITC Foundation programmes although you will need to demonstrate your ability to manage and deliver multiple projects.

If your application is unsuccessful
All applications are treated on their own merits but we may have more fundable bids than we have available money to award. If we do not award your bid we will write to you to tell you the reasons why.

Other information and help
We aim to be efficient and responsive to our communities’ needs. If you are not happy with the level of service you have received, we would like to hear from you. Contact Lorraine Firth on
We anticipate receiving many applications that we cannot fund for a number of different reasons. You may be disappointed if your application is not awarded a grant but you can only lodge an appeal against this decision if you think we have misinterpreted the information you have provided or you think we have not followed our published procedure.

Help with governing documents
A governing document sets out in writing what an organisation is established for and how it operates. It may be called a number of things, such as a constitution, set of rules or trust deed. We need to be sure that the organisations we fund are set up properly and are able to manage a grant. Considering an organisation’s governing document is one way we do this. We need to check organisations’ governing documents to make sure we can fund them. We cannot award a grant to an organisation that is not clearly eligible to hold one. So if you are a new voluntary or community group, or have not applied to us before, we recommend you think about whether you may need some help and advice on writing your governing document before you apply.

Data protection
We will use the information you give us on the application form and supporting documents during assessment and for the life of any grant we award you to administer and analyse grants and for our own research. We may give copies of this information to individuals and organisations we consult when assessing applications, when monitoring grants and evaluating the way our funding programmes work and the effect they have.

These organisations may include accountants, external evaluators and other organisations or groups involved in delivering the project.

We recognise the need to maintain the confidentiality of vulnerable groups and their details will not be made public in any way, except as required by law.

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